Content Guidelines

Content and Posting Guidelines

At Ritoria, we’re committed to fostering an engaging and enriching literary community for readers and writers alike. While we strive to limit censorship and barriers to creativity, we do ask that users observe the guidelines posted below to respect the safety and diverse values of our audiences. 

Please carefully review the following sections before posting content to Ritoria, whether it’s a written work, forum entry or user comment. Any violation of our guidelines may result in removal of content, as well as account suspension and/or deactivation. This applies to both writers and readers.

Rules and guidelines may be modified or amended at any time. We recommend reviewing this page for any changes relevant to your submission before posting new content. The “last-modified” date stamp at the bottom of the page indicates if recent changes have been made.


General Conduct

Whether you’re a reader or writer on Ritoria, it is expected that you treat others with dignity and respect. Any abusive behaviour or hateful content aimed at fellow users, readers, or other individuals or groups will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to any material or comments that promote hate based on ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Written works posted to Ritoria should never depict real people in a demeaning or threatening way. It is generally acceptable to satirise famous people in the public eye, but please do so carefully and with empathy.

Comments posted about written works should always be kind, respectful, and civil. While it is acceptable to critique the work of others, this should be done constructively and without malice.

Never share the personal details of others without express consent, as doing so could pose dangers to the safety and privacy of our community members. 

Ritoria moderators may remove content and suspend and/or delete user accounts associated with abusive behaviour. Please note that this also applies to users both on and off the platform. Hateful acts that occur off-platform may be grounds for account suspension and/or deactivation if they negatively impact our writers, readers, or moderators.

Similar guidelines apply to forum entries and comments. For more details on posting in forums, please see Forums Rules & Guidelines.


Usernames, Avatars and Personal Privacy

Please avoid using any sensitive personal information tied to yourself or others when creating your profile. While pen names are encouraged and the commission of ghost-writers is permitted, ensure you do not impersonate any other individuals or misrepresent your affiliation with other persons or groups.

Your registered screen name and avatars must not contain any of the following:

·       Website or email-address details
·       Names, logos, or sensitive details associated with an existing organisation
·       Expletives
·       Obscenities 
·       Religious statements
·       Other contentious or problematic terminology


Content Ratings

As a Riotria author, it is your responsibility to flag explicit and sensitive content accurately and appropriately. 

Explicit and sensitive content includes but is not limited to nudity, gore, sexual abuse, addiction, eating disorders, suicide and self-harm. When you publish your work, you will be asked to indicate if the overall content is intended for mature audiences. You will also be required to specify what makes the contents of each chapter explicit. These details will be visible to readers through tags and warnings. 

Providing readers with a clear indication of what to expect from your material is critical to both their enjoyment and personal safety. Some readers rely on specific trigger warnings while others need to know if what they’re about to view is NSFW. Failure to provide advance warning to your readers may result in removal of content, or even account suspension and/or deactivation.


Prohibited Content

Some content is prohibited on Ritoria, including the sexualisation of minors and depictions of other taboo subjects such as necrophilia and extreme bestiality. 

Depictions of non-consensual sexual acts are permitted but must never be glorified; instead, they should serve to further the plot of a written work. 

Content must never glorify real-world hate groups or criminal organisations. Any written works, comments or forum entries that advocate violence or the advancement of such groups are strictly prohibited. 

Any content failing to meet these guidelines will be removed, and associated user accounts may be suspended and/or deleted. 


Spam and Advertising

Users must refrain from spamming in all forms. This includes third-party advertising as well as sending unsolicited materials to users or site moderators via email, comments, or in forums. Ritoria moderators may block or remove content deemed to be spam. User accounts associated with spamming may also be suspended and/or deleted at the discretion of moderators.

You should only post promotional material regarding publications relevant to Ritoria. We recommend reaching out to if you have questions about specific promotional opportunities that may be relevant.


Intellectual Property and Plagiarism

As a Ritoria author, you will retain ownership of your posted content at all times. While Ritoria may opt to promote the work of users, or remove content deemed inappropriate, the content always remains the property of the creator.

Intellectual property, such as copyrighted and trademarked materials, must never be illegally transmitted via written works or forum entries. Written works should always be original pieces and must be free of plagiarism. Any excerpts from copyrighted materials must be cited accordingly. Fan fiction that infringes on the intellectual property rights of another content owner cannot be hosted on Ritoria. 

Cover designs must also be original, sourced through our Cover Design Service or self-created in Canva, or any other means of cover creation.

For more information on the copyright laws we uphold, please visit the UK Intellectual Property Office website.

If you are a content owner needing to make a DMCA Takedown request regarding materials hosted on Ritoria, please reach out to  


Reporting Objectionable Material

Content that violates our guidelines may be flagged or removed at the discretion of Ritoria’s moderators. If you believe a piece of content is posted in violation of the above guidelines, you may report it by emailing, or by using the report feature,and our team will investigate the matter as soon as possible. If you believe your content has been unnecessarily removed, you may also reach out to us to appeal.

Please avoid reporting content for frivolous or personal reasons. This will help ensure our moderators can address legitimate concerns and oversee timely site governance. If you knowingly make a false claim, this may be considered a violation of our spam guidelines and grounds for account suspension and/or deactivation.


Account Suspension and Deletion

Moderators may suspend and/or delete any user account associated with misconduct, depending on the severity and frequency of the offences.

If you believe your user account has been mistakenly suspended or deleted, you may appeal the decision by emailing


Last Modified: June 29, 2022