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Business Class

Business Class

by Oretho2
Mystery Romance

Artemis Roundhouse is a twenty three year old genius, with Asperger's syndrome, who had dominated the world of law for the last five years; finishing law-school at seventeen, and becoming her Law Firm's ace by the youthful age of nineteen. Artemis was at the peak of greatness, the road to becoming a partner at Ferdinand's and Co. That was, until she meets Jonathan Tucker, who turns her wold upside down with their seemingly helpful meeting, landing her an outcast. Not to mention that the two months that follow his arrival, she loses her position as ace, as he had ranked beside her as the firm's ace and was on his road to becoming a partner.

 The only thing that was standing  in their way was eachother. This sparks a mutual avoidance between the two, as their main mission is no longer to succeed but to win the position as partner no matter the cost, which lands them both in their boss' office, after an awkward altercation.

After being grouped together on hot case by their boss, and senior partner Audrey Raine, both Artemis and Jonathan are forced to work the case of James Martin, an up-and-coming millionaire playboy, charged with the murder of New Hamlet's finest supermodel Jannie Marie, Mr.Baker's only daughter.Thrown into love, danger and absolute chaos, join Artemis and Jonathan explore the mystery of New Hamlet's biggest case.

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[QT] Marrying My Master in Another World

[QT] Marrying My Master in Another World

by K_Jira
Fantasy Science Fiction Historical Fiction BL LQBTQ+ Fiction Romance

Feared by the world for their unrivalled strength, Bai Liang finally lost his beloved master under the 'justice' of the self-proclaimed righteous sects. As he sought blood and revenge, heaven secured him and locked him up before he caused irreparable destruction to his world and caused it to collapse. It was then he was told that his all-powerful master has escaped the abyss of the underworld and scattered his soul to multiple worlds in the lower realm.


But just as he thought that his master could live a carefree life, heaven didn't let him rest. His master who forcefully reincarnated himself to the worlds where he wasn't fated to exist had tangled the thread of fate and created instability in the world's trajectory. To prevent the collapse of these worlds, Bai Liang agreed to help maintain them, determined to let his master enjoy his life until he dies of old age without any regret.


Bai Liang: Let's focus.
Xue 'sword spirit system' Liang: [Yes, Master!]
A certain master: Baby, I'm here~
Bai Liang: Master! °˖✧ \ (///▽///) / ✧˖°
Xue Liang: [Master, stop climbing Grandmaster's bed QAQ!!]

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Ars Nova

Ars Nova

by Kadets64
Fantasy LQBTQ+ Young Adult Comedy Drama

Lotte feared her world would never accept her for who she was, a woman unable to love men. Now Lotte’s dead. 

The underworld gods of ancient Mesopotamia stirred at her sudden arrival, connecting her past with the present of a different world. Kiur is a resident of this world and a victim of its own cruelties. His delusions haunt him. Unable to fully recover, he pushes away friends and family alike. 

With Lotte at his side, they now have to face the dark abyss of their mind. Their fate is yet to be cast as their lives intertwine. The Gods of the Great Below make their moves.

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