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"Books are written by the alone for the alone." - Donna Tartt

i live for (realistic) slow burns that hurt my soul and make me rethink life. also, i halfheartedly apologize for my treatment of my characters



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I love all your works

03/19/2024 16:05

thank you for the kind words, Lola - i'm glad you enjoy them!

03/22/2024 08:42

Hey! Do you mind if I offer to make you a cover? i'm a cover enthusiast and I'm looking for books to try making covers for. This is free and you don't have to use the cover if you don't like it. :) Thanks and sorry for disturbing you!

10/19/2023 23:05

no worries, TheFirstReader - sure you can make a cover for me! was there any prompt in particular or were you going to freeform it?

10/21/2023 09:02

I use canva if that's what you're asking. I need the characters' descriptions and any setting you're looking for in particular, and I'll try to match it as best I can.

10/22/2023 20:50

i DO have a romance story in the works that's close to needing a cover, so i can give you that! unfortunately, i don't have descriptions for the main characters themselves, but one is slightly taller than the other. the setting is a mid-century hotel and it takes place over the course of a summer wedding weekend. if you need more info, let me know, okay?

10/24/2023 08:47

Mid-century would be the 70s?

11/02/2023 21:01

roughly 1945 to 1969. the 70's were their own thing

11/02/2023 22:37

What's the book's title?

11/26/2023 21:43

Any reference images?

11/26/2023 21:44

Working title at the moment is "Strangers In The Night" reference image is: hope that helps! let me know if you need anything else, okay?

11/28/2023 09:09

The reference image is some kind of golf field?

03/16/2024 21:35

Are When the Rain Stops and I'll Burn With You books in the same series?

08/13/2023 21:51

nope, they're standalones! also sorry for the late response

10/21/2023 08:28

Thanks for replying!

10/21/2023 14:07

Since the covers looked similar, I thought they were related.

10/21/2023 14:07

i like visual cohesion between my stories. they're loosely linked by places and whatnot, but they are standalone stories :)

10/21/2023 19:48

Love your story!

04/03/2023 00:13
@Sarah J.

thank you for reading, Sarah!

04/08/2023 08:15