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Your covers are so beautiful!!!! 

05/30/2024 20:01

Thank you!

05/31/2024 08:09

I'm loving Grand Epic Elemental!

05/01/2024 18:35

Did you make the covers for Grand Epic Elemental and your profile pic? I really like the style!

04/20/2024 19:05
@Sarah J.

Thanks! Yep, I drew those. I have a comic version of Grand Epic Elemental that I post on various webcomic platforms (Webtoon Canvas, Tapas, etc) under the same username. Feel free to check it out if you're interested!

04/22/2024 00:33

Oh wow! I hope Ritoria allows comics one day cause I'd love to see it in comic form!

05/01/2024 18:35
Sarah J.

I second that!!!!

05/03/2024 22:37