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I write. I read. I play the harp and can hold a tune. I listen to all kinds of music. I paint. I appreciate art... well at least Pinterest fanart. I play board games. I am nerdy enough to be the Dungeon Master. I love anime and animation. I pretend I don't love Disney. I hike and the only sport I know the rules to is figure staking. I work as a nurse. I'm studying to be a nurse practitioner. According to my readers, I don't sleep, but I do like to eat. 

And why am I Breezy? Because I'm as loose as the wind. Yeah, I meant sexually, but also just physically I move around a lot? And personality-wise too? Uber sensitive. Hates to be controlled. Emotionally unpredictable. Introverted to the point of invisible...

Did you know my manager of four years asked me the other day who I was? 


For the second time this year.




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Hey, I love nonconforming, but do you have plans to continue it?

07/21/2023 22:18