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(Extra) Ordinary

(Extra) Ordinary

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Ricki and Ezra have been friends forever. But things are changing. His world is shifting.  

17-year-old Ricki has a lot of things:
- A great best friend
- Perfect pitch (and stage fright!)
- Less than a year left of high school
- An unnecessary amount of large hoodies
- Strange fears 
- An average life

Things are the same day after day for Ricki. That isn't a problem for him, not really. It's not like Ricki likes change anyway. He doesn't mind being ordinary. 

But other things seem to be amiss. Ricki's parents are disagreeing more often. Ezra is becoming withdrawn and distant. After an encounter with a mysterious hero, supernatural things that he can't comprehend haunt him day after day. 

What's Ezra up to? What's happening? 

Is Ricki as ordinary as he thinks? 

11 chapters