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Death Is A Bottom?!?

Death Is A Bottom?!?

  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • BL
  • Horror
  • Action
  • LQBTQ+
  • Supernatural
  • Adult
  • Comedy
  • Smut
  • Magic
  • Romance

Deyonte Wallace is no stranger to the uncanny and supernatural. Ever since surviving a near-death car accident as a child, he's developed the ability to see otherworldly ghosts, entities, and monsters. 

And he can't fathom having to deal with a bigger burden. 

Deyonte can't focus on hobbies or his studies as a first-year master's student due to constantly having to fend off supernatural nuances that are strangely attached. Even so, these creatures, though annoying, have never been violent. 

That is until one kills him during his nightly ritual of midnight coffee runs. 

Deyonte should have been dead, but to his luck, he was saved by a mysterious creature that was different from the rest. Death itself.

Death informs Deyonte that his soul is caught between a state of living and deceased. Due to the uncanny strong power within his soul, it's not the last time he'll be monsters and demons menu. As much as that terrifies Deyonte he can't help but feel a strange attraction to the entity known as Death. 

As Deyonte and Death battle hell spawns to escape deadly experiences and unravel the mysteries of each other's past they will somehow get themselves wedged between a crossfire of heaven and hell with both of their very souls on the line. During this quest, Deyonte will have to discover if making out and topping the Grim Reaper is worth all the headache

2 chapters