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A slowburn romance about the cameraman from an indie ghost hunting series and his secret love for the host.

The Paranomads are a trio of Aussies who’ve been best friends since primary school. When their skeptical paranormal investigation show finally lands a contract with an online streaming service, Beau, Isaac, and Adelaide fly to the United States to promote their series at various pop culture conventions across the country. 

Beau’s crush on Isaac has been manageable until now, but living for three months in a tiny tour bus provides some new challenges in keeping his heart in check.

71 chapters
In A Place Like This

In A Place Like This

  • Fanfiction

(Good Omens Fic • 5k words) The demon Crowley works the bar at a discreet gentleman's club on the brink of closing. His angel nemesis (and best friend) Aziraphale appears out of nowhere to get the club back on its feet, and Crowley can only admire his angel at work.

1 chapters