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Lena Mano

Lena Mano

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Dear Flowers,

After the April 13th posting of Employee of the Multiverse and His Darling Cat, I will be taking another hiatus.

I’ve had writer’s block since last year. I’m not abandoning this story and still daydream about plot points regularly. I just still have a lot going on personally and am struggling to put words to document even when I have the time and energy.

I’m really sorry for disappointing you. I can’t say for sure how long this hiatus will last. My hope is that either finally moving into an apartment or getting a successful treatment for my damaged knee will clear up a pathway in my heart and mind for the flow of creative juices to reach my fingertips. My hope is not let the hiatus continue past this Summer.

Sorry again and thanks for your understanding.

Love, Lena

04/06/2024 18:32
@Lena Mano

Rest is always a good idea, even if it means taking some time off doing something you love. It's like when you're doing exercise, they always tell you to have a rest day so your ailing muscles can heal and actually even start to shed some weight off. My advice would be to try seeking a beta reader or a fellow author for the writer's block. Hashing out your story and its plot with someone seems to help a lot of writers.

04/07/2024 00:42
@Lena Mano

We'll be waiting. Rest well.

04/08/2024 12:46
@Lena Mano

Why not try the Forums for the writer's block? Seems pretty active.

04/20/2024 17:29

Hi, I know it’s been a while. Thanks for your patience. I’ll try to keep things short. Basically, the chapter update schedule for Multiversal Employee (official shorthand title as of today) is changing.

I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, mainly trying to move and deal with physical health concerns at the same time. Little old me gets overwhelmed easily and writing should be fun, not a chore. I am still invested in this story, I just can’t give it the focus it deserves at the very least through March, so update schedule is changing.

I will schedule chapters to post on these dates at 9am EST/EDT: Saturday, February 10th| Saturday, March 2nd | Saturday, March 23rd | Saturday, April 13th |

If things change, I will do my best to let you know ahead of time by sending an announcement.

Be kind to others and to yourself. Love, Lena

01/20/2024 16:42
@Lena Mano

Please get better and take it easy.

03/18/2024 16:33

I’m really sorry to disappoint you but Employee of the Multiverse will return in January. This time of the year is always hard on my mental health and I’ve tried to fight it, but it’s gotten pretty bad. I’ll be taking a break for recovery. Thanks for your understanding.

11/30/2023 15:11
@Lena Mano

Take all the time you need! We'll be here, and Merry Christmas!!!

12/05/2023 18:27
@Lena Mano

Happy holidays!

01/08/2024 21:55

I forgot to set an alarm to fix the chapter title of today’s upload. My memory is sooo bad. Agh I’m doomed haha.

The chapter scheduling has seemed to have gotten some upgrades but I’m still worried about clicking Update on a scheduled chapter because I don’t want to have to play copy paste relay and redo the entire author’s note and poll in case it posts it immediately. So, please just bear with me and fingers crossed I either remember to create a test chapter and see or set an alarm to fix next Saturday’s title a couple minutes around when it posts. (Or if one of you have already tested editing scheduled chapters yourself and can comment down below whether it stays scheduled… and then I remember to come check the comments beforehand.)

11/12/2023 00:09
@Lena Mano

Check out the newsfeed. They mention the premature posting issue when editing a chapter being fixed.

11/12/2023 17:49
Lena Mano

Thank you! I should check the Newsfeed more often. I also never noticed Ritoria had forums! 🙃

11/13/2023 13:56

Hello friends,

I messed up the log numbering of the last chapter updated on Nov 4th. What was titled “Log 003 Pt. 3” is now titled “Log 004 Pt. 1.” It totally slipped my mind. Sorry for the confusion!

I’m not able to fix the titles of the scheduled chapters ahead of time, and it’s a bit much reupload, so I will set an alarm and try my best to fix them around the time they’re scheduled to post. Just know we’re on Log 4 right now.

11/09/2023 14:53
@Lena Mano

I think the patch for scheduling is coming this weekend according to the official account, so there's that. Thank you for clearing it up

11/09/2023 16:54

I think it's already gone live from what I've seen scheduling chapters. I'll wait for the official announcement.

11/10/2023 06:57

Just a heads up in case there's any confusion: My Incidental Business Trip to Another World has been retitled Employee of the Multiverse and His Darling Cat. If you hate the new title, please don't tell me; I'm exhausted and just want to move on to writing more chapters without worrying about marketing logistics. I do think though by the end of the novel, you will see how much more fitting the new title is overall. Thanks for your understanding!

Also, check out the banner art.

09/29/2023 00:37
@Lena Mano

I was wondering!!!! Thanks for clearing it up. Also absolutely love your cover/banner. Whos your artist?

10/17/2023 20:39
Lena Mano
@Sarah J.

Thank you! I just designed it using elements and tools available on Canva. The characters were specifically from Canva China (Canva独家插画, cnillustrations). They don’t specify their artists.

10/18/2023 00:34
@Sarah J.

wow that's amazing still

10/27/2023 21:02

Just realized you're the author of Deadbeat God! Your work is amazing!

09/26/2023 20:05

Aww thank you! ☺️

09/27/2023 15:55