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Hi! I write The Rising Sun Saga!

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Been missing The Rising Sun. Is everything alright?

06/09/2024 20:48

Everything's good! I promise :D Still writing TRS. Just have life + other writing projects going on atm. 

06/10/2024 14:57

New episode of THE RISING SUN SAGA is up! Come and get it while it's hot 🍔🍔🍔

It's finally time for Sun Ritsu to take the stage for the Wondrous and True Trial. Does he have enough qi saved up to impress the judges? Find out in Episode 62: A Fry Cook Knows Hunger Too Well

04/25/2024 12:36

Hey Friends! I know my updating schedule has been kind of all over the place. From now on, I'll be sticking to updating TRS every Thur/Fri until we're all caught up. Thanks for understanding!

~ Coco

02/23/2024 14:29

Thank you so much for the dedication!

03/11/2024 19:16

You're welcome! thank YOU so much for reading TRS! :DDD

03/13/2024 08:34

Hey Everyone!

So last time I updated TRS, I accidentally labeled episode 43 as "A Diamond Body pt.3" That was a mistake! It's supposed to say "A Diamond Body pt.2" The newest update is correctly labeled as Part 3 and I fixed the mistake. Sorry if that was confusing!

Have a good one,


02/08/2024 18:26

Can't wait for volume 2!

11/25/2023 15:04

It will be here soon! ;D

11/26/2023 13:16


12/02/2023 18:51

I just wanted to drop by and saw I really love the rising sun saga

11/15/2023 19:39

Thanks so much for telling me that! I'm happy to know you're liking it so far ^^

11/16/2023 00:35

Hi!! I'm sooooo new here!

Feel free to drop in and say hello! If you like chaotic action, comedy, and a lovable, colorful cast, please check out my story The Rising Sun Saga and leave a like! ✌️

10/18/2023 18:40