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I grew up with a book in one hand, and a pen in the other. Then life happened and I let go of the pen rather than the book. Two years ago, I found the pen again and I am never letting it go again!
Now whenever I am not busy with boring real-life stuff, I write. Hopefully better stories than bios...



That bio hits hard.

03/15/2024 12:54

I love your bio. The pen and book analogy is great. Personally, I let go of both at one point. And right now I have the pen taped to my hand and the book trying to fall away.

07/16/2022 08:09
@Donevan Jace

Thanks :) It's so easy to let go of them, but it's so worth it when we find them again!

07/26/2022 16:56
@Donevan Jace

I agree! It feels really poetic in a bad ass kind of way.

10/11/2023 19:40