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Why is my name Cielo, you may ask? Cielo is the spanish of sky, for i wished to fly in the high skies, sitting on the clouds and reach the space without a space ship.

You don't need to follow me, but if you want your work to be proofread, message me, id like to help. I dont have any favorite author, but, someday, i may have. 




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Are you still doing the hidden gems series? I thought it would be interesting if i take over. Its been a long time and more books are in this website. I'm asking for permission.

07/11/2023 09:22

Not doin' hidden gems in the forums for now?

08/26/2022 20:04

Came to check the same thing.

03/04/2023 11:46

Hello everyone! Me and @apprehensive_fly are working on a series called 'Cirque of the Damned', and will come out around August, (chapters). For now, i have it under my name, and has the synopsis to hype up the release. The first book will be called 'Rhythm of Blood.' I will write most of the story, and Apprehensive_fly will help me with the worldbuilding. Check out her amazing cover and guess the plot!

07/19/2022 07:00

I look forward to that

07/20/2022 15:52

Is this still happening?

03/05/2023 19:39

I've planned to read stories from new authors, just request if you want to be included.

06/27/2022 04:04

I have a few if you're interested. Just whichever one interests you is fine with me.

07/19/2022 09:15