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I'm a writer with too many dreams!!

I love Fantasy and Isekai Novels ;) Feedback will be greatly appreciated and I'm a full-time college student.

A newbie author who is learning how to write romance novels now. As a writer who wants to write in a lot of genres, I want to learn new things.

Current, Main story is 'Punchline Of Love', which won the top 50 of the True Love Contest. Thank you for supporting me as much as you could even though I didn't win. 😊

I hope you guys can tune in for my future novels! 😁




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Are you into Manhwa? You should read Jinx if you are! It's a boxing romance!

04/10/2024 00:03

I love Punchline of Love! It's such a great story and I look forward to every update :)

03/26/2024 22:39

Awww, thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me. Ps, If you go on Tapas and search for POL then you'd be surprised since I've published up to 36 chapters there. Just saying ;)

03/27/2024 15:09

I've actually stopped using tapas, so I'll wait for you to upload here :) Good luck on your work and thank you for posting!

03/27/2024 23:41