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Welcome to Ritoria!

Need any help? We're here to offer it!


.أهلا بك في رايتوريا! نحن متواجدون لخدمتك في أي وقت


Any updates on the Premium Program?

05/17/2024 14:16

Um, why are two of my books not showing up at all under the category they should be in?

04/12/2024 02:42

Hello! Can you provide us with more details please?

04/12/2024 11:57

Do we get paid for writing books?

06/15/2023 14:54

You can if you're accepted into the Premium Program!

09/24/2023 13:35

I need to add a chapter in my book how can I get there?

06/11/2023 19:43

Hello Dessa. You can publish and edit chapters from your Dashboard. Here's more info in this Forum Topic:

06/11/2023 20:17

Where's the button to add a topic to the new forum threads?

06/22/2022 06:08
@Blue Pheasant

We've added the threads in the genre forums section temporarily as the admin section is currently restricted to admins. You should be able to add your topic now.

06/22/2022 09:09

Ritoria looks very neat and pretty. I hope, comics will also be a thing here?

06/05/2022 18:06
@Mirror Quarrel

Thank you so much! Although we don't yet have an ETA, it's certainly one of our goals.

06/05/2022 18:51

The platform is nice, Overral 10/10. I have high hopes for this platform. Hope it goes well too to the writers here.

06/04/2022 03:11

Thank you! We really appreciate it and hope to live up to your expectations!

06/05/2022 18:51

I agree with you, the site layout is topnotch and they have already proven their worth, ill take up my writing pad soon.

06/24/2022 19:13


06/01/2022 04:36

Hello and welcome to Ritoria!

06/02/2022 00:18

Ritoria is so pretty!

05/13/2022 22:03

Thank you!

06/05/2022 20:14