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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that new chapters will be back this week. 

That in mind, some of you may wonder why we go on hiatus at times. It honestly comes down to 3 things. 

1. Novel Bomb posts to several different platforms. 

2. We have a regular rotation for the order we post new content. We currently have about 10 books, so if you're not following more than one, it can seem like we've been gone a while. 

3. Novel Bomb has recently gotten into making vido games, so posting updates for those has also become a part of our posting rotation. 

The next series to get new chapters will be The Water Steps, then My Other Fist Boyfriend, and later Barefoot Island. After these three get their new chapters we'll be back at the start of the rotation with Halo City Angel. 

We hope you'll explore more of our stories and check out our games as well (link at the bottom). And thanks for reading.

06/10/2024 01:55

Halo is coming back to Ritoria, and it's not alone. We have a new story, Barefoot Island, starting its adventure as well. It's going to be a very "mature" story for those who are looking for something with heart and a bit of S*X.

02/22/2024 08:08

Just a quick announcement, it's looking like we're on track for all our plans with the launch of Novel Bomb. By the end of December our website should be up, will have a demo of our first game, 6 books to check out, 2 comics, and yes Halo City Angel will be back. It's going to be a crunch but I think we'll make it. Anyone who's a fan of Halo, I hope you'll also check out our other projects and consider supporting us be it through purchasing our Amazon books or following us here. Thanks again for the patience.

12/11/2023 07:06

The water steps cover is GORGEOUS!

11/25/2023 15:06

Hey everyone, I know there's been a bit of a wait on the next chapter of Halo, but I want you to know it's coming. Currently I'm doing a lot of editing and rewrites on my other stories to be self published not only on Amazon but on a new website I'm building called Novel Bomb.

Novel Bomb is going to be home to original stories in Novels, comics, and even games. I just want to make sure that everything is perfect for when I launch. Halo isn't over, more is on the way but I'd say I'll likely be able to start releasing new chapters by the new year. I hope you'll stick with me up to then.

11/04/2023 16:50

Thank you for your work!

11/12/2023 18:21

And Novel Bomb sounds exciting! Good luck.

11/12/2023 18:22

LOVE Halo City Angel's cover!

09/26/2023 20:16