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Zephyr Zane

Zephyr Zane

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Author. Upcoming book soon. Writing scifi, fantasy, humor, etc.  I am seeing an agent and publisher. 

Pictures of the Concubine 999 characters are on my website, listed below.  Early access to stories and uncensored chapters are available on Patreon.










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Happy holidays!!

12/23/2023 21:10

Hey I thought to check in on you. Are you feeling better?

11/03/2023 08:44

I am! I just haven't had time to write due to work and buying a house. We finish moving towards the end of the month and I'm hoping, when everything calms down, to get back to writing. Thanks for checking in!

11/06/2023 03:29
@Zephyr Zane

Wish you good luck!

11/18/2023 13:01
@Zephyr Zane

Hope things are better for you now.

12/16/2023 17:59

Missing you and Concubine's updates.

10/12/2023 06:44

Your work is excellent. You're one of my favourite authors here.

09/19/2023 16:56

New chapter of Vast & Vayne. Be gentle, this is my first toe-dip into sexysmutty things.

08/12/2023 00:48
@Zephyr Zane


08/12/2023 13:29

Early access to Vast & Vayne Chapter 3: The Joining Ceremony now on patreon:

08/06/2023 03:16

Seriously, it's the last time I change the title.

07/23/2023 18:33

Are you planning on making a Patreon?

07/21/2023 22:33

lol i just noticed you have one attached

07/21/2023 22:33
Zephyr Zane

I do, but right after I created it I got sick, and haven't been able to set anything up, so please don't sign up yet. There's nothing really on it.

07/22/2023 16:36

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've become quite ill over the past month. I will be back to writing ASAP.

07/09/2023 20:25
@Zephyr Zane

Please don't push yourself. Hope you get better soon.

07/09/2023 23:16
@Zephyr Zane

Don't worry about it. We'll be here when you come back

07/11/2023 20:25

Love the new cover!

06/25/2023 22:53

Update to Concubine 999! Chapter 8 - An Explosion in the Palace.

06/17/2023 05:22

I love your book!

06/05/2023 18:50

Thank you! I hope to have new updates soon!

06/05/2023 19:13