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Ahhh all your books are gone! Is everything okay?

02/17/2024 20:41

ehh I'm moving my books to wattpad or maybe inkitt, some of them is in the middle of rewriting. so

02/24/2024 18:18

What a shame

03/16/2024 21:22

Did you delete No Wolves Found? T.T

01/23/2024 19:55

I diid, I'm in the middle of rewriting it and having trouble doing that since starting my second job. I promise it'll be back up in april thoo

02/08/2024 16:47

🥲 I'm so sorry for my lack of updates

01/14/2024 06:04

No worries <3

01/14/2024 18:40

I'm so terrible at NaNoWriMo, but there will be update s tonight, just not for southvale. No Wolves Found and Dark Waters will be updated thoo.

11/11/2023 21:43

Thanks for updating! Really appreciate your work.

11/25/2023 14:58

Thank you for enjoying my works, I wish I had the time and energy to update like I used a couple years ago.

From 2014-2020, I used to update three times everyday. Burn out is real but I'm so glad that you all are hanging in there with me!

11/26/2023 00:06

Thank you!

11/12/2023 18:38

Two updates coming today, yesterday I was sick as hell.

11/03/2023 18:01

Feel better

11/03/2023 19:04

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, I think that my main focuse will be southvale so that I can finally meet the halfway marker with that book. sooo all November will be Southvale updates.

10/31/2023 20:27

Works fine for me!

11/01/2023 19:28

Love your new covers ;)

10/19/2023 21:19

Thank youu

10/20/2023 06:22

Also thank you for 1k on Southvale!!!

10/17/2023 19:39


10/17/2023 20:41

Another new cover by @TheFirstReader Southvale and if you haven't noticed, No Wolves Found cover is also magnificent as well.

10/17/2023 19:38

Love Southvale's cover!!!!

10/17/2023 20:41
@Sarah J.

Thank youu

10/20/2023 06:22

Hey! Do you mind if I offer to make you a cover? i'm a cover enthusiast and I'm looking for books to try making covers for. This is free and you don't have to use the cover if you don't like it. :) Thanks and sorry for disturbing you!

09/21/2023 21:21

I'd love that! I'd totally appreciate it if you do.

09/22/2023 06:49

No problem! Feel free to message me with design ideas you'd like for me to try any time!

09/24/2023 07:49

I love the cover!!!

10/12/2023 21:15

If you'd like to continue reading my books, you'll have to read them on either Lutionary or Inkitt. I won't be writing or updating on this website anymore. My username on both is @goldplatedpages

06/28/2023 23:14

Nooo, why?!

06/29/2023 09:52

Mainly because I'm on so many platforms, and I have to drop one of the less active ones so I can feel more comfortable.

I've partially dropped wattpad as well because we'll wattpad is just not the same anymore. So Lutionary and Inkitt are the best choices for me at the moment.

06/29/2023 21:22

That's too bad. Sorry to see you go.

06/29/2023 10:35

Be on the lookout for today's chapter! We enter the Valley of Clouds, and finds out everyone's deepest darkest sin!

06/22/2023 11:06

Mistrose will be updated in 3 days!

If you'd so kindly answer just one question for me. Do you think the story is moving too slow? Because I'm sooo confused on the pacing since it's my first fantasy book I'm writing.

06/20/2023 19:04

Ur doing great

06/21/2023 20:25

I don't know what book to update next

06/18/2023 23:54

Mistrose Dragon!

06/19/2023 18:06

Chapter 8 posted!

06/11/2023 20:25

I added more to chapter 7! Cause I decided to go another route for chapter 8 Take another look so there won't be any confusion.

06/10/2023 17:22

Mistrose Dragon has a semi-new name, it's now just Mistrose.

Update coming today!

I've been struggling updating the new cover sadly but hopefully I can get that worked out.

06/08/2023 07:35

Currently working on the next chapter of Stardust Skies as well as Mistrose Dragon. 😅 Let's see which book gets an update first.

05/31/2023 23:51

05/31/2023 06:56

After much consideration, I'll be just focusing on my fantasy and werewolves books. Anything else will be removed until further notice. Don't be too mad with me. I'm just trying to make things easier for myself and for you guys too.

05/27/2023 23:32

Nooooo, at least leave them posted please, so it doesn't get removed from our libraries and I don't forget about the story completely.

05/29/2023 20:09

I would but then it would have my page so cluttery, no worries as soon as these four are completed those will return.

05/29/2023 20:59

No Wolves Found will be given an update Monday! Happy Mother's Day, I hope you all are enjoying your mother's or aunt's, cousins, or mother figures in your lives. Showing them love and all.

P.S still working on an update for Mistrose Dragon. Fights are always tough for me to writeee.

05/14/2023 05:01

Happy Mother's Day!

05/14/2023 22:01

I know I'm terrible at updating but I'm trying. I have so many books in the works and don't know which should take the main focus.

05/07/2023 01:03

Don't mind us, please take your time!

05/07/2023 22:00

Alright here's the game plan, Mistrose Dragon will be updated tomorrow. Tonight No Wolves Found will be updated with MAYBE two chapters.

04/25/2023 21:43

I can't respond to comments at the moment for some reason but I see em

04/24/2023 21:10

I've added some books! I hope you all enjoy them.

04/20/2023 02:04


04/19/2023 01:49

Yay!!!! Welcome back! :D

04/19/2023 01:50