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Arc 2 is finished up!
Sorry for the late reply, I've got swarmed with stuff.

With this message, Ars Nova will go on hiatus, again, and indefinitely. Right now, I don't have the capacity to write long running stories. Mental wise and private, I am encumbered and need to recuperate while I handle some things.
While Ars Nova won't return for quite a while, I will try to work on some other stories. This includes My Valkyrie, and some shorter stories focusing on concluded story Arcs.

With that, thank you to everyone who read the story so far! I appreciate every single read the story got.
See you next time! Very likely in My Valkyrie sooner or later.

Wish I could show you the art, but Ritoria doesn't allow me to, grrrrrr
Instead, here's a link to:

06/07/2024 19:26

I did something horrible 😢

05/07/2024 15:25

Did you make this?! The art is fantastic :')

05/08/2024 08:42

Nah, sorry, I didn't xD I merely edited it as a foreshawoding for one of the last chapters of the Arc 😢 Here's the original link with the artist who drew the artwork over a year back.

05/08/2024 13:59

Are we about to get our hearts broken? T.T

05/21/2024 19:50

I'm sorry dear reader, I messed up The drama got to me D:

05/22/2024 13:47

Heyha, another little update! This time for "My Valkyrie". I'm currently able to get a proper breather and actually work on my stuff. And with stuff I also mean this little indulgence story. The drafts have been finished a few months ago and I'm currently editing through them, but I first want to make sure I have enough of a buffer to positively publish chapters weekly. Also, character reference art! The artist for this little project is hard at work to design and draw the gals (and Austin)! The result's are amazing already! Here's a sneak peak on the style. Maya's is the cutest. MY HEART!!! Anyway, I'm not sure yet when I will be able to publish the second Arc, but I'm positively aiming for May 1st at least. Thank you for everyone patiently hanging on and waiting. I appreciate it all.

03/13/2024 13:25


04/20/2024 18:03
@Sarah J.


04/20/2024 20:35

So pretttyyyy

05/01/2024 18:45

Hello everyone. This is a quick update on Ars Nova. Sadly, I will have to put the story on hiatus until further notice. Too much stuff is happening privately, making it impossible for me to work on my chapters until I figure things out. I hope to resume the chapters by the end of March. Arc 2 is slowly coming to an end. Only a few more chapters to go!

02/19/2024 21:39

We'll be here when you get back, rest assured! Hope things resolve quickly!

02/20/2024 19:37

Quick reminder for everyone. The Q&A question gathering is due until December 7th! Hit me with whatever is burning at your heart and write it on my profile or any chapter of my story. Have fun~

12/04/2023 20:09

Q&A announcement time! Ask me questions. ANYTHING about me and/or my stories. I'll be looking forward to all your questions. This will be kept open until December 7th.

11/23/2023 16:33


11/25/2023 14:14

Here works perfectly fine. Or one the last (latest) chapter of any of my stories. (I'm not good with interfaces)

11/25/2023 16:58

What inspired you to write the story?

11/29/2023 21:31

Shameless advertisement, but Tapas has an event going on. It's my main site for my story. Long story short From Novemeber 20th to November 22th you can donate the website currency "ink" to me and reach my goals for my stories. If they are reached, I WILL HAVE TO DO THE GOALS. This includes commissioning art, an animatic, AU stories, and an NSFW artwork. Here's a link to my tapas profile. Hope to reach my goals so I can share them all with you!

11/16/2023 17:08

Greetings, mortals, Valkyries, witches, Draugr and whoever reached this far.

I'm Kadets, your demisexual author of this self indulgence story, My Valkyrie, that I wrote to bring myself some peace of mind. Not gonna lie, writing this story helped me a lot when I began it, and it just maaaaaakes my heart beat with JOY.

Arc 1 is finished, but not the story. While working on my main story, I'm also sitting on drafting the next Arc. And the one after. AND THE ONE AFTER. There will be sooooooo much more indulgence and love added for the characters. And much much more indulgence for the soul. I almost got a sugar overload and had to lie on the ground from how much it was.

This wouldn't have been possible without my good faerie, who amplified my brain and writing to create this story. Her support has been invaluable.

Here's a link to her profile. CHECK HER OUT! Thanks for your help, Ewe!

See you in the next Arc or whatever else I will cook up in the meantime. cough

11/08/2023 22:07

I love Valkyrie's new cover!

10/12/2023 21:13

THANKS! Me too! Can't wait to share some Maya and Val art if I can figure out how to properly do it on Ritoria. But if anything else, it's on my twitter and Instagram, heh xD

10/13/2023 06:26

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE! 🌈 Have an artwork of my sapphic couple, Lotte and Liara! ❤️

06/01/2023 14:21


06/02/2023 21:48