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Jen Leifire

Jen Leifire

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I love to write, so I started my own Novel. 

Hope you will enjoy it =D

I am also on tapas =3 (everything is in my carrd)



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Alice and me created a short comic for the Comic Award Contest on Tapas. If you are interested to read our Comic, you can do that here =D hope I might see some of you there =3

06/16/2024 22:45

Late Happy Easter, sorry I forgot to make a message here and I also didn't prepare anything for it D= But I have other news, I finally opened my Chibi Commissions =D You can commission me over Kofi! If you have questions you can ask me here or on discord or also on kofi. in my carrd is also my discord server in case you wanna join it =3 Kofi:

04/05/2024 17:47
@Jen Leifire

Definitely offer you services on etsy and devianart!!

04/12/2024 22:18
Jen Leifire

thank you! I tried etsy before but closed shop there again because of so many scammers ugh. I havent thought of deviantart though. thank you for the tip =D <3

04/13/2024 02:59

Really? Be safe!

04/15/2024 17:23
Jen Leifire

thanks, I got good in spotting scammers by now XD its just crazy how many you see on such shops.

04/15/2024 18:05

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BABY BOY CAL!! Imma a bad mother who well forgot about it or well noticed too late to give my baby a present, so now he is mad at me D= Please, someone try to calm that beast down or he gonna kill me ;_;

03/30/2024 22:38
@Jen Leifire

Happy birthday Cal!

04/01/2024 16:04
Jen Leifire

<3 <3

04/01/2024 16:48

I saw all the comics on your profile and was wondering if you're also a comic artist. All the art is lovely!

03/18/2024 22:18

Most of the drawings I share are from my best friend Alice who draws a lot of Illustrations and fanarts for me and we also collaborate sometimes together with her comics and my Novel. Until now the only comic I have drawn is the Christmas Cookies one and the Valentine's Chibis are also from me. However, I'm thinking of doing chibi comics in the future. =3 But happy you like what I post here, thank you <3

03/18/2024 23:43

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Hope you all have a lovely Day, our babies Cal & Sigal enjoy theirs too =3

02/14/2024 07:33

Sorry I am so late of wishing Happy New Year! Everything was quite stressful lately >< I apologize. I hope you all had a great New Years and celebrated well =D May this year bring all the happiness and good fortunes to you <3 <3 And here a little redesign done for Sigal & Cal =3, done by Alice (who also did the cover for vol.2)

01/07/2024 22:31

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you all have a wonderful day! The Mini Chibi Christmas Comic is up now on Kofi =D check it out here:

12/24/2023 11:29

Hey everyone! I already wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! For this occasion, I have prepared a Mini Christmas Comic for you all (first one I drew), but I had big help from my artistfriend to make it look good =D I will release it tomorrow on my kofi (free, and visible for everyone lol) I hope you will check it out and enjoy it =3

Here is a little sneakpeek of what's waiting for you =D

12/23/2023 20:03
@Jen Leifire

OOOOOOOOOOH I can't wait!

12/23/2023 20:50
Jen Leifire

<3 <3

12/23/2023 20:56

I'm sure I will!

12/23/2023 20:54
Jen Leifire

yay hope you will like it =3

12/23/2023 20:54

Hello again! New Cover for Volume 2 is up =D I hope you love it as much as I do. Artist is our awesome Alice! The same one who I also do comic collabs with =3 check out her kofi:

11/10/2023 17:58
@Jen Leifire

Amazing! It's really artistic!!

11/11/2023 06:09
@Jen Leifire

The details are excellent, from the broken glass to the shards reflecting their faces.

11/11/2023 06:10
Jen Leifire

thank youu =D Happy you like it! I am also so happy with it =D

11/11/2023 12:41
@Jen Leifire

I love it!

11/11/2023 19:04
Jen Leifire

yay happy you do =D

11/11/2023 20:09

Heya everyone! Okay, I posted all collabs now on my kofi =3 check em out =D Links:

or just go on my kofi and read em =3 It's for free ofc hehe =)

11/09/2023 20:37

Cover of the Halloween Collab XD

10/31/2023 18:00
@Jen Leifire


11/01/2023 19:29
Jen Leifire

haha thankies, dear alice is the artist of this grand cover for the collab and the entire comic of the collab =3 =D hope you enjoy it. I would have loved to post the comic here too, but there is sadly no option for it D=

11/01/2023 19:49

I got an idea. Why don't you try posting it in the forums? They allow pictures there.

11/02/2023 20:22
Jen Leifire

they might not support the format though, as it is pretty big in all I guess. Hmm would you gyus be happier if I also put it on my kofi? I think there it should work (in the free section ofc XD). If you don't like to go on Tapas, then I can just try putting it on my kofi or even my carrd hmm

11/02/2023 21:55

Happy Halloween everyone! In addition to having uploaded a new Chapter as a Halloween goody, here is the link to a friends and mine new collab episode in Halloween theme! (it has 2 parts, we had to split it)

Enjoy =D

10/31/2023 15:18

I hope that's allowed, but since we have no comic option here I think it should be fine. I opened a collab corner on Tapas for Comic Collabs with my Novel. 1 Collab is already there and look forward to a new one soon as well ;D check it out and subscribe if you never wanna miss out on future collabs =3

10/24/2023 22:16

Oh I didnt toggle: notify followers aaah XD Ok I will just repost this message then XD

Escaping the Abyss Volume 2 is up! I just realized when setting it up (I hope I did it right, thats why its released the night XD) that it doesnt carry over the followers to new I hope everyone who wants to read the 2nd Volume will find it here >< Anyway, new cover willl come soon for Vol. 2. For now I stuck with the one from Vol. 1 (with color overlay) lol Anyway, hope you will enjoy Vol. 2 =3 Happy reading =3

10/18/2023 22:10

Hey hey everyone! I just opened my Etsy Shop. More items will come, for now I wanted to get my first listing going lol Check it out here =D

09/16/2023 12:42
@Jen Leifire


09/17/2023 21:04
Jen Leifire

thank yyoouu <3

09/17/2023 21:40

Your profile picture <3!!!

08/13/2023 21:01

Haha dawww thx. xD My babies drawn by my great friend and artist, Alice! I did want to post the whole pic on here but its a bit nude, so not sure if its allowed xD

08/13/2023 21:16

Here is another piece of my boys! This fanart is drawn by an awesome friend Alice, who releases her comics on Tapas. In case you wanna check out her work, here is the link: Anyway, this pic is a feast for the eyes =D Happy drooling XD

06/18/2023 20:04
@Jen Leifire

ahhhh I love it!

06/18/2023 20:06
Jen Leifire

=D Yay, happy you do =3 I was also over the moon as she gave me this xD

06/18/2023 20:08

Reminds me of Free!!

07/02/2023 20:24
Jen Leifire

omg now that you mention it, you are right XD

07/02/2023 22:11


07/04/2023 21:14

Happy Pride Month everyone! Have a little goody of Cal and Sigal ;D Artist: Vindnyxx

06/01/2023 15:23
@Jen Leifire

So cute!

06/02/2023 21:33
Jen Leifire

Happy you like it =D

06/02/2023 23:38
@Jen Leifire

Sigal is so hot!

06/11/2023 20:26
Jen Leifire

<3 haha yeah he really is. Cal is a lucky lucky man XD

06/11/2023 20:34

We are 18 Chapters in now. So, from now on updates will be weekly, on Saturdays =)

05/27/2023 13:31
@Jen Leifire

Hoping to catch up tonight, thanks for uploading!

05/29/2023 20:23
Jen Leifire

Np, thank you for reading =D ❤️

05/29/2023 21:03

Heya, hope you all enjoy my story so far =D From tomorrow on, instead of 2 Chapters a day, I will drop 1 Chapter a day for a week before I will go onto weekly updates =)

05/20/2023 10:34