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As a proud queer and triple A (ace, aro, and agender), I write what I know. They/them pronouns. More fluff than smut, but I'm expanding my skillset with each new story.



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To those who've already discovered "Reap What You Sow" and followed, a big Thank You is in order! Uploads are already scheduled and will begin with no break between books. This is the last book of the series so far - but I'm working on a final duology to the series that will wrap up a few unanswered questions. Most notably, "Who's going to be in charge after Tarriq isn't at IO any more?" Book 5 is complete, while 6 is still being written. There is currently no timeline for when those will become available, as I want to make sure I'm doing the best work I can, but rest assured that once this final pair is complete I'll start making them available to be read.

03/14/2024 02:01

Hey author! I recommend using the series option to categorize Darkwalker and Denzai so it's easier to figure out they're related. I only just realized they're in the same series today, but that's probably more on me lol. Just a suggestion. :)

10/11/2023 19:58

I've been attempting to do just that, but I'm having difficulty figuring it out. Rest assured that I'll group them just as soon as I do.

10/12/2023 05:13

Book 2 of the series is starting to go up. I'll update "Denzai" every Tuesday. If you enjoyed "Darkwalker", then please follow the next in the series for more misadventures from Tarriq, Meshani, and Kellen as they try and navigate their way through life and people trying to make that complicated.

05/31/2023 05:05