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Hello, I'm a writer of horrible haikus (can be found on Tapas) & a fantasy story. I love writing, reading, & drinking coffee. 




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Hello! The next chapter of Empyreal Calamities will be uploaded tomorrow. I've been having migraines on and off since last week and didn't finish editing in time. Also, I did art for Pride Month. Make sure to check out my Instagram or Cara to see it!<3

07/04/2024 05:02

Hello! The next chapter of Empyreal Calamities won't be uploaded today. A lot of things have been happening at home and my mind has been all over the place. I was editing the next chapter but somehow ended up rewriting almost the whole thing and it won't be finished on time. So, to make up for this, a pic of Dolion and Len is up on my Instagram. <3

05/29/2024 12:31

take your time and rest up <3 <3 dun stress yourself =3 *hugs*

05/29/2024 13:44

Hello! The next chapter of Empyreal Calamities won't be uploaded today. I didn't finish editing it because I was very busy yesterday and had no time. Next chapter will be uploaded on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. Chapters will be uploaded on Wednesdays from here on out. Thank you and sorry.

03/30/2024 16:53