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Hi, I'm Rori! An aroace nonbinary author of queer fantasy, mostly tending towards cozy these days!


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Hey everyone! Sorry for some late updates in Demon King's Garderner Vol. 5 - when I first uploaded and scheduled everything, I accidentally skipped a chapter and on Ritoria the only way to reschedule everything is to delete and reupload the chapters... and I forgot to do the second part oops. 

The rest of the chapters have now been added and we are on to volume 6 next week!

06/28/2024 03:02

Just realized I forgot to announce it here, A Man That Smells Like Flowers is going on hiatus until August because I have a lot of college work and want to take the summer to build a proper buffer for it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, see you in August!

(DKG will be continuing as usual, it has been very buffered from the start lol.)

04/13/2024 08:52

Take care and good luck with college!

04/20/2024 18:11

I love A Man That Smells Like Flowers!

04/10/2024 13:09

Thank you!

04/13/2024 08:49

I just put out a new story - a Regency-inspired fantasy romance between a bestial Grand Duke and his human masseur! It's polyamorous endgame with plenty of humor, I hope you'll give it a read!

02/26/2024 23:02

I was a little late getting it off the ground this time, but the 5th book in the Demon King's Gardener series, In Which a Demon King and His Partner Do Something Exciting, is out! First chapter will be this Thursday!

Happy holidays, y'all!

12/26/2023 18:41

Uh whoops - looks like a later chapter of DKG published earlier than I meant to schedule it for. Not sure if I just hit the wrong button or something, but sorry for any confusion! (I have taken down the chapter in question)

10/22/2023 18:44

How did you imagine your demons?

07/11/2023 21:03

Chapter 2 of book three is up! The twins and uncle finally arrive!

07/06/2023 14:41

New chapter of Demon King's Gardener is out in book 3!

06/29/2023 14:36

Your profile picture is really cute!

06/25/2023 22:37

Thank you!

06/25/2023 22:52

The last chapter of book 2 of DKG is out! See y'all in book 3 next week! <3

06/22/2023 15:51

Thank you!

06/24/2023 08:46

There is now a DKG discord server! Come hang out with me and hopefully other fans!

06/12/2023 01:22

last but not least, part 5!

06/01/2023 14:43

Part 4!

06/01/2023 14:42

Part 3!

06/01/2023 14:41

Part 2!

06/01/2023 14:40

Happy Pride Month from the cast of Demon King's Gardener! Have to post this in part because apparently there is a size limit on art, but I hope y'all enjoy today's update in book 2 of the series!

06/01/2023 14:39